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Black Tilapia whole round

Black Tilapia whole round

Latin Name :
Tilapia Mossambica
Size :
300/500, 400/600, 600/800, 800up(gms/pc)
Packing :
IWP, IQF, Bulk pack
Loin :
Origin :
Description :
Tilapia now ranks as the fourth most popular fish in the United States. The fish has a deep, short body with long dorsal fins and spines similar to a sunfish; however, shapes and colorations vary widely among various species and hybrids. More tilapia is farmed worldwide than any other species of fish. Tilapia has a less-than-picky diet and its quick growth has led to it being referred to as an “aquatic chicken.” It is typically grown in freshwater, but various species are tolerant of salinity. After cooking, the flesh is totally white, the taste depends on the water type because tilapia absorbs the flavor of the water where it was raised.